Wedding gift
This work symbolizes the intentional choice of eternal connection. A feeling of balance, peace, love and living in harmony that you experience when you are together with the love of your life. And that feeling is immortalized in material, everlasting.

Personally, I think passion, love and togetherness are the most important aspects of life. With Statera, I want to bring out the importance of these aspects. The artwork radiates feeling. And makes the safety of being together and relying on each other come across.

The man is made of steel: hard, strong, offering support and a solid grip. The woman is made of wood: warm, nurturing, soft and natural. These materials are naturally opposites. They seem to repel each other, like dark and light, or water and fire. But they are two materials that through feeling and love cannot be separated after all. Just like two people who love each other forever.

Technical data
Material Willow wood, Steel St37
Welding process TIG
Height 30 cm
Width 18 cm
Depth 15 cm