About Mike

Pleased to meet you! I’m Mike van Leeuwen (1995), born and bred in the picturesque village of Grashoek in the Netherlands. From a very early age, I’ve felt a natural affinity for design, materials and the creation of all things art. Even as a child, I began to produce personal artworks for my friends and family. I began my metalworking career with specialisation in welding. But the time has now come to move forward, prompting me to become a full-time artist. Thanks to my practical background, my pieces are not only functional and appealing but also of top quality, guaranteeing many years of pleasure.

My mission lies in creating an all-important personal relationship between you and your commissioned artwork. Before going anywhere near the materials, we need to become better acquainted, if I am to produce a piece that touches you personally. This site gives you an idea of what has become my trademark: combining cool metal elements with the warm tones of wood. All the artworks on this site are a direct reflection of my personal sources of inspiration and interests.

Would you like to know more or are you simply looking for something new? Feel free to contact me for a personal appointment, without further obligation.